Very big areolas

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What It Means If You Have Big Areolas

very big areolas
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Huge Areolas and Pussy Fetish 2

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Areolas can be large or small, and they come in many different shapes difficulty latching onto the breast of a person with very large areolas.
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What Can Cause Large Areolas and Is This Normal?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your areola, whether you've been pregnant or not it's just a part of who you are, and it's what makes all of us different.
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Are they bigger than average? From the time we start maturing and developing as young girls, we all have at one point or another become hyper-aware of our areolas. If you become pregnant, you could have big areolas or ones that become dark. Hell, even some little hairs could start growing around the perimeter of them. Isn't being a woman just the best?

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