Cream of wheat black man

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Cream of Wheat

cream of wheat black man
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12 Uncomfortably Racist Vintage Brand Mascots

Published December 17, by Kirsten Delegard. Over the next years, he was welcomed into households across the country.
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Oh my, where do we even begin with the Cream of Wheat guy? - Cream of Wheat is a brand of farina , a type of breakfast porridge mix made from wheat semolina.

Rastus is a pejorative term traditionally associated with African Americans in the United States. It is considered offensive. However, Rastus a shortening of Erastus, the Greek name of, especially, Erastus of Corinth has never been particularly popular as a black name. For example, the census reported only 42 individuals named Rastus in the United States, of whom only four were Black or mulatto. Rastus—as a stereotypically happy black man, not as a particular person—became a familiar character in minstrel shows. Rastus is also the name of the African-American character that first appeared on packages of Cream of Wheat cereal in and whose image remained the Cream of Wheat trademark until the s, when it was replaced by a photograph of Frank L.


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